Fun Florals

00274-illustration 00274-illustration-sketch-2

I’ve given up fighting my floral obsession. I’m letting myself draw as many flowers as I like until I get tired of them. Although, I can’t imagine that happening. Here’s the final and sketch I’ve been working on. I love seeing the transformation that happens between start to finish.

Pattern Play


Drawing flowers is probably one of my favorite things to do and I really love composing them into repeating patterns. I started this one with a few sketches and then the above right pattern was supposed be the finished pattern. Then adventitiously I grabbed a few layers to paste into a new document to make sure edges of the repeat lined up and I ended up with the deconstructed version of the pattern below. I ended up liking the below version so much more. I’m so excited to try this new technique again. I feel like a lot of my patterns feel really dense. I always have this urge to fill up all the space. I think this new approach is a great way achieve a more airy feel in my work and I love the abstractness of it too.