Pattern Play


I began experimenting with surface design soon after I graduated from college, while working at a small stationery company. Since then patterns have  become an obsession of mine. I love the challenge of creating repeats, it’s kind of like putting together a puzzle. Here is one of my most recent designs and the photo that inspired it.

Flower Shop: Sketch to Final


Here’s the first illustration I completed using my new Wacom Cintq Companion. I’ve never experienced such a seamless transition from sketch to final. This tablet has really changed my whole process. I’ve always had a hard time drawing on a tablet while looking up at a screen. For me this created some kind of disconnect and my lines never seemed to be quite how I wanted them. It may seem like a silly thing but being able to look at my both hand and what I’m drawing at the same time has really made a difference in my work.

Here’s to the Begining


This quote is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. After a lot of reflection I’ve made some changes in my life to allow me to pursue my own creative adventure. I’ve had to give some things up but, It’s so exciting to finally have time to focus on working on my own projects and most of all creating new art. I plan to use this blog as a place to share my process and the things I make.